View from road leading into Bryanston

Admittedly not quite as luxurious as some Cape Town hotels, or some of the houses for sale in Port Elizabeth for that matter, Bryanston is nonetheless a prestigious suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa. It has been likened to a Beverly Hills version with exclusivity among its residents and a thriving business community, able to sustain several schools, clubs, and a lively community life.

Bryanston is close to Sandton which is another suburb under the jurisdiction of Johannesburg towards the north west. It was established initially as a suburb of Sandton in 1969. However, when boundaries were set up after the Apartheid years, Bryanston merged as part of Region 3 with Johannesburg, and the same happened with Sandton.

Population of Bryanston

The population of Bryanston consists mostly of white people, who live a comfortable life, with all the modern amenities one would find in a cosmopolitan residential area. The population is growing due to a growing business district known as The Campus that includes Microsoft Corporation, GlaxoSmithKline, Synovate, Ogilvy & Mather, and DiData. The economy is settling in and growing at a better pace than many other places in South Africa.

Interesting Facts About Bryanston

The name Bryanstron comes from an English village in North Dorset. It is near Pretoria, Rustenburg, Benoni, Warm Baths, Witbank, Kempton Park, and Secunda. It has a 6 lane N1 freeway which makes access to Bryanston extremely convenient. There are many expats that live in Bryanston, mainly due to the companies that have set up shop in this suburb.

The entire suburb is well organised, pretty even with tree-lined streets, making it seem like a typical upper class neighborhood one would find anywhere in the world. For many residents, there is a general ambience of having everything they need within short distances. There is no doubt that in terms of Johannesburg properties, real estate in Bryanston is a good investment.

Like any normal community, Bryanston has several pre-schools, Bryanston High School, a country club with golf course, Bible Church, guest houses, shopping centers, fine dining restaurants, and entertainment spots. If you’d like to buy the newest Apple iPod Touch but the thought of leaving the comfort of your own abode isn’t something you’re keen on, online shopping is made possible by the good communications infrastructure enjoyed by suburbs north of Johannesburg central.

A number of residents are members of the BBC Bryanston Bible Church which has a very active leadership. They have a well-established church with kid’s church and regular Sunday service.

The people living in Bryanston are generally reserved and private. When they want to, they drive over to other cities or suburbs to enjoy a break from being in Bryanston. However, being a self-sustaining community, there are night markets and a night life where everyone seems to be familiar with each other.

Bryanston High School

Many of them study at the Bryanston High School and end up working close to each other or in the same offices. The Bryanston High School has some of the best facilities in South Africa. The students receive quality “new South African” education with emphasis equally on academics, sports, community life, equality, and the arts.

The school is highly computerised which makes for an easy transition to any college or university in South Africa or anywhere in the world. The latter sentence seems to underscore the notion of the digital divide: front-running education institutions focus on computer literacy, and it would seem that if you don’t already own one, it’s about time to buy a laptop for your children. Suffice to say, with the presence of a Microsoft office in Bryanston, no doubt, the people and students get the best and latest product offers from Microsoft. The school also encourages its students to be entrepreneurs as well as leaders in the community.

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